I want to try Tagpoint. Is this possible?

We provide the possibility to try Tagpoint. Please follow these steps to get acces to the demo version of Tagpoint Training.

Step 1. Fill in this form on our website


Go to http://lms.tagpointtraining.com/promo/demo and submit your personal data. Click the SCHRIJF ME IN VOOR DE DEMO button.

Step 2. Email

Within a few minutes you will receive an email with your login. This activation link is only valid for 5 days! Note: Did you not receive any email from us? Please check your spam folder, as it might be in there. Otherwise please contact us by sending us an e-mail at <a href="mailto:support@tagpoint.zendesk.com">support@tagpoint.zendesk.com</a>

Step 3. Final step: Login


When you click on the activtion link in the email we sent to you, this page will open on your screen. Please choose your password, submit it twice and hit the SAVE button. Now you are all set to try Tagpoint! 

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