My activation link does not work or I lost it

Is your activation link not working or did you lose it? Please follow these instructions to receive a new activation link.

Step 1. Go to the login page.


Go to the login page: http://lms.tagpointtraining.com/ 
(or, in case of using the demo versions: http://demo.tagpointtraining.com/)

Click on the button LOGIN VERGETEN / (1).

Step 2. Submit your e-mail adress, which you use for Tagpoint


Submit your e-mail adress in in the empty field (1). Then hit the RESET button (2)

Step 3. U ontvangt een e-mail

You will receive an e-mail with a new activation link. This link will be valid for five days. Click the link and fill in your password in the screen that pops-up.

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