I can't login. What can be wrong?

There can be several reasons why you can't login to Tagpoint. In the list below, you will find the most common reasons why users can't login:

  1. Did you forgot your password? 

    Please follow this link to reset your password.
  2. Are you trying to login for the first time?

    You haven't logged in at Tagpoint before? Please activate your account first. You should have received an email with an activation link. This link will only be valid for five days. After these five days the link will no longer work. You can easily obtain a new activation link yourself by following this link
  3. Are you using the right email address?

    Please check if you are using the right email address to login.
  4. Are you trying to login in the correct environment? 

    Please check if you are trying to login in the right environment.
  5. Are you a subscriber?

    You don't have an (demo)account with Tagpoint. If you are interested in subscribing for an account, please follow this link. Would you like to try our demo versions? Please sign up here for the demo-version of Tagpoint.
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