Add, modify or delete users in Tagpoint

Please follow the next steps to add, modify of delete an user in Tagpoint. When allready logged in, please begin with step 3.

Step 1. Login at your account


Go to http://www.tagpointtraining.com and click CLIENT LOGIN

Stap 2. Fill in your account information


Fill in the right data to login. You are only allowed to add of delete users when you are logged in as manager and autorized. 

Stap 3. Go to instellingen


Click INSTELLINGEN at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the administrators section of Tagpoint Training.

Stap 4. Go to gebruikersbeheer


At (1) you will find your autorisations and if you are allowed to add or delete users. (2) At (2) GEBRUIKERSBEHEER you can add or delete users. 

Stap 5. Add (toevoegen), modify (wijzigen) or delete (verwijderen) user 


At this screen you can either add, modify or delete an user.

Add = Toevoegen

Modify = Wijzigen

Delete = Verwijderen

Stap 6. Adding an user


Fill in the the user information. When your employee (user) has its own email-adress, you can enter it and he will receive an email with his login and password. If the user have not got an email, please select the checkbox (1). An automated email-adress will be made and send to you.  Thi email-adress will also be the users login. You will have to create a password and provide this, along with the login (automated email-adress) to your employee (user).

Stap 7. Important: Assign user to a product

The user will not see any modules when he logs in. First, you will need to assign a product to this user. To do so, please follow the steps discribed at: https://tagpoint.zendesk.com/entries/22699078-gebruiker-toevoegen-a...

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