Update Version 1.2.2

There has been an update in Tagpoint Training. The update involves:

From now on the login at Tagpoint goes through a secure line. This is important in order to guarantee the privacy of passwords and user data. 

Videos in Firefox
The encoding of video's has been updated, so that videos in the latest version of Firefox maintain to work properly.  

Password indicator
When entering a new password, an indicator shows how secure this password is. The indicator lets the user know whether the submitted password is weak, normal or strong. This indicator makes the user aware of the importance of a strong password to secure his own user data. 

Italian and Portuguese
Tagpoint keeps on translating the modules in different languages. From now on the modules Personal Protective Equipment is available in Italian and the module Dangerous Substances is available in Portuguese. 


d.d.: 26-03-2015

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