Update Version 1.2.3

There has been an update on Tagpoint Training. The update contains:


E-mail texts

A new user will receive an email with an activation link enclosed. If the user hasn't activated his account via this link after a couple of days, a reminder will be send to this user. The texts in this e-mail are improved. 

Results of a module will now be processed automatically 

When finishing a module, it is no longer needed to click the 'next' button. After completing a certain module section, the results will be processed automatically and displayed in the dashboard immediately. 

Dashboard overview after logging in

After logging in all users will enter Tagpoint in the user dashboard. The user will have a direct overview on his scores and gets an instant trigger to what the scheduled module is, which they will have to execute in the current period. By clicking MODULES in the menu above the dashboard you will enter the module overview. 


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