Update Version 1.2.4

There has been an update on Tagpoint Training. The update contains: 

English modules Work permits and Fire

There are two new modules available in English:

  • Work Permits
  • Fire


Overview of which users have(n't) done the scheduled module

From now on it's possible to see which users have completed the scheduled module. This is available in the team dashboard and the company dashboard. Navigate in the Module block to the screen with the link 'who completed the current module?'. The pop-up gives a complete overview of the users in your team (team dashboard) or the whole organization (company dashboard). The users with a green check behind their name have completed the scheduled module. 

The scheduled module will be displayed in the dashboard if the planning of the modules is filled in. This schedule can be determined by the responsible manager and can be found at Product Management > Time Schedule Modules

De actuele module wordt getoond in het dashboard wanneer de planning van de modules is ingesteld. Dit schema kan bepaald worden door de verantwoordelijke manager en is te vinden bij productbeheer, en tijdschema van de modules.


Preferred language

Every user can submit a preferred language. Tagpoint will automatically be displayed in the selected preferred language when logging in. The default language is English. Existing users can change their preferred language by clicking another language in the module overview and at Settings. 

When adding a new user, the preferred language is set at the registration process. 


Univocal terms in the dashboard

Some of the terms and texts that are used in the dashboard are optimized for better usability. 

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